Saturday, September 26, 2009

new morning ruteen

i just started to play with these things again, i just up loaded this thing again oh this feels like ground hog day

just found

i just found these thing again. i am going to start makeing it part of my morning routeen

Sunday, September 6, 2009

medical sicence

every time the phone rings i age a little my heart does flip flops hands get sweety brain races. as i get up out of my self pitty i race to the phone, good news? bad news? what happend? is she ok? why are they calling now...
as i get to the phone and see a number i dont reconise, oh god its the hospital calling i just know it
i pick up the phone almost shaking perpaing for the worst
a womans voice comes on the othe end
would u like a credit card for..........

anixity i have been haveing a lot of it lately.

my mom had a heart attack and a stroke last week a fue other compclations happend 2 weks ago. since then i have been takeing care of marleen and she me.

i have been sleeping like shit lately. i had a fue beers with a ausom friend last night that kinda helped but i was still up every hour.

i have the first pre production meeting today.

i need to get marleen off to cherch

i am so glad im not throwing up little victorys hurray

Saturday, September 5, 2009

just got back from the bob show

i just came back from a little bit of shooting with bob and the cast. i took marleen with me so she would not be alone, she can be by her self but after a little bit like 1/2 hour or so she gets nervuis after a hour or hour in a half she would of been in a full blown panic.

we stayed there from 10 -1 she got hot and tired she wanted to go home. so we took off. i made a fue calls then took a nap she also took a nap

i have been sleeping like shit last fue nights

Friday, September 4, 2009

home movie on the deck

just sitting back on the portch and low and behold a ufo

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new blog

hi i am going to abandon

i am doing this in part of me taking on the resposnsibailty of taking care of my special sister marleen.

i was a happy go lucky kinda of guy before i took on this responsibality. i hope i can do her right.

i start takeing classes for grapix desighing starting next wed monday i turn 41 i have no kids so this will be my first act of responsibatly ever.

oh yea i am on the run from the cops (out standing warents i got to clear tat up)

more to come